Stato Civile Atto Di Morte


General translation of a death act:

Number Act number___

The year ____, the day __ of ____ month to hours _____ and minutes __ in the Town Hall . In my presence _____Name_______ and civil records officer of ________Comune name_______, it is appeared _____Name__________ of age __, ____profession_______ domicile in ________, and _________(name) of the age ____ profession_______ who both declare to me, that in the house located in __________ died __________ of the age of ______, ________ (profession) resident of ______________ born in ________________ of ________________(father's name), home in __________ and of ________________(mother's name), home in ______________________ (wife or husband of if applicable)________________.

In this act (document) were present as witnesses _________________(name), of the age______, _____________(profession) and _______________(name), of the age ____, ______________(profession). resident in this town. Read this document to all participants intervened, _______________________________________________________. ______________(signature of official)

These death acts vary slightly depending on the year issued and where they were issued but the above is an approximate translation based on the death act on this page from 1907. This should help you locate the pertinent data.

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