Stato Civile

logo This page will serve as an index to pages on this website about records that are available for Italy. The most common records available are called State Civil records or Stato Civile in Italian. These records were documentation on the state civil level whose purpose was to document an event that has happened. They began in most areas of Italy in 1809 and are often called "Napoleonic" records because they were created by the order of Napoleon Bonaparte. The basic records that are available for all towns are records of birth, death, marriage and marriage banns. Other records available for some towns and cities (but not all) include "Atti Diversi" and "Atti Vari" which are miscellaneous documents which may include deeds, adoptions, and various documents that do not fit any other category. Cittadinaze records are a record of citizenship and documents when a person born in one town becomes a citizen of another town.

Church Records

Church records are not available for all places. Most Sicilian towns have access to them. Researching church records can be intimidating because they are written in Latin, however, once you learn the numbers and months to obtain dates, the rest is simple. Church records can vary in the information you can obtain from them. In many cases, Church records will give you access to years before the Stato Civile existed.


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