San Fili (CS)

logo San Fili is located in Cosenza Province south of Montalto Uffugo. It currently has a population of 2,568 people. Like most of Calabria it's population has seriously declined. In 1911 the population of San Fili was over 5,000. The population seemed to peak around 1921 with 5,155 citizens but by 1931 it's population had decreased to 3,609 citizens. San Fili is 550 meters above sea level The people in San Fili are called Sanfilesi. The town is surrounded by old chestnut trees and at one time those chestnuts were a huge export business. The town also has many fresh water springs which have furnished the town with an abundant supply of water. Other resources include figs, hazelnuts and other fruit and vegetable crops. The breeding of silk worms has been done here with much success for hundreds of years. San Fili sustained much damage as a result of the earthquake of 1905. See our page about earthquakes here.

At one time San Fili's hamlet of Bucita was under the jurisdiction of Montalto Uffugo's frasione of Santa Maria La Castagna. It was also a frasione of Rende. San Fili became it's own comune first around 1807 then control of Bucita was handed over to the Comune of San Fili around 1816.

Comune di San Fili

If you need a record for a family member who was born, married or died in San Fili, you can write to the comune and request a copy or extraction of the record you need. Be sure to write the request in Italian and be as specific and detailed as possible. Even if you are unsure of the date of the document you want, give them an estimate and request how many additional years they should search. Give as much information as possible so they can send you the correct information on the correct person. Below is the address to write a request for records.

Comune di San Fili

Piazza San Giovanni

87037 San Fili CS, Italia

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