Carmela Scrugli

zia Carmela Scrugli was born in Tropea, Italia to Antonino Scrugli and Caterina Cipollina on 21 December 1851. Her father was a politician who was transferred from Tropea to a political position in Cortale at some point between 1860-1867. Due to the lack of records in Cortale, my information on Carmela's life there, is family stories passed down. I am sure they are correct, however, details are unknown. Carmela married an Ambassador to Egypt in Italy. What is name was is unknown. This marriage did not last long, less than 1 year later her husband died of typhoid fever that he had contracted on a trip to Egypt.

Immigration and Life In Chicago

Carmela's youngest sister Maria was also widowed with a daughter named Francesca. Carmela's brother, Gaetano was already in Chicago and negociated the marriage of Maria to his friend Teodoro Bertuca who was also a recent widower. In March, 1904, Carmela accompanied her sister Maria and her niece Francesca to America. They arrived and Ellis Island on April 2 and left New York bound for Chicago. Just 4 months later on August 9th, Carmela married another Italian immigrant named Vito Roti in Chicago. In 1910 she obtained her United States Citizenship. Since Carmela was a strict Catholic, I can only assume Vito died prior to 1915. I was unable to obtain his death record. On 4 September 1915 Carmela married for a 3rd time to Frank Martino in Chicago. She remained married to him until her death. I have been told she had a daughter named Susan. I do not know if Susan was her biological daughter or a daughter of one of her husbands. Carmela Scrugli died on 11 September 1936 in Chicago. She is buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery in Hillside, Illinois. She is buried just a few graves from her sister Natalina and her brother Gaetano. Her sister Maria is buried in the same cemetery.


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