Vibo Valentia Province


Vibo Valentia Province is located in Calabria bordered by the Tyrrhenian Sea to the west, Catanzaro Province to the north and west and Reggio Calabria to the south. The city of Vibo Valentia serves as the capital city of the province. The major ports in the province are located in Tropea, Vibo Marina, Nicotera and Pizzo. Vibo Valentia was an ancient Greek colony and was founded by the Locri and a part of the Magna Graecia. Once this land supported an ancient Greek temple that was known as one of the ancient wonders which had 300 columns made of alabaster and granite. Several coastal towns are bustling tourist towns including Tropea, Ricadi (and it's beach Capo Vaticano)and Pizzo. Tropea is host to an international film festival as well as being famous for being the home of more noble families than anywhere else in Italy. Although the area has been rocked by several major earthquakes, ancient landmarks such as a Norman Castle built in 1050 still exist.

Prior to the 1990's Calabria consisted of 3 provinces; Cosenza, Catanzaro and Reggio Calabria. In the 1990's Catanzaro Province was split into 3 Provinces. The new provinces of Vibo Valantia and Crotone were carved out of Catanzaro Province. Vibo Valentia and Crotone Provinces were set up by national law on 6 March 1992 and officially became provinces on 1 January 1996. When searching for records from Vibo Valentia, also search Catanzaro Province. You can access the official website of the province here.

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