Scrugli Family Of Tropea

scrugli stemmaNatalina Scrugli was the mother of my Grandmother. Although family documents list her place of birth as Tropea, I have been unable to locate her birth act. I did locate her sister's birth act and there is no doubt her family lived in Tropea. I have recently uncovered several documents for this family so the story is still unfolding. My own Great great grandfather was a politician whose job moved him to Cortale. Four of his children immigrated to the United States from Cortale.

My great grandmother and all her known siblings, left Italy for Chicago.

Notable Scrugli's

Napoleone Scrugli

Napoleone ScrugliThe most notable of the Scrugli's of Tropea was Napoleone Scrugli. Napoleone was the son of Ignazio Scrugli, mayor of Tropea, and Domenica Bagnato. Napoleone was named after Napoleone Bonaparte because of his father's admiration for the famous ruler. He was born in Tropea on 3 Deccember 1803. Napoleone was a Vice Admiral in the Italian Royal Navy. His naval successes for the Kingdom Of Napoli earned him the respect of the people and the title of Count bestowed upon him by the King of Napoli. He retired from the Royal Navy Napoleone was a supporter of the unification of Italy and became of respected member of the first Senate of the unified Italy. Napoleone died 15 October 1883.

His distinguished awards include:

Giuseppe Naso

AssuntaGiuseppe Naso was born in Tropea, Italy in 1836. His mother was the sister of Napoleone Scrugli. He was a great artist who died tragically young. Giuseppe was born a deaf mute, but despite this, he left the comfort of his home in Tropea at the age of 15 to study art in Naples in 1851. During this time, Naples was teeming with struggling artists. Giuseppe's maternal uncle, Napoleone Scrugli supported the young artist and probably brought him to Naples. Due to Napoleone's military post as Admiral in the Southern Italian Army he had a home in Naples. Young Giuseppe began his studies as an artist with an unknown instructor and showed great promise immediately. This instructor introduced him to another instructor and artist named Cavalier DeVivo. By 1852 he gained an apprenticeship under Cavalier De Vivo who had a relationship with King Ferdinand II of the house of Bourbon. From the King, DeVivo and Giuseppe Naso received many commissions of their artwork, many of which were from the Vatican. This began Giuseppe's career as an artist. His artwork today is in several churches. He died in 1862 at the young age of 26.

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