What Is Aberesh?

Updated November 20, 2007

What is Aberesh? Aberesh is the intertwined cultures of Albanians and Italian people. There are entire villages that are considered Aberesh villages that were established by the Albanians hundreds of years ago. They speak their own language that is a combination of Albanian and Italian.

Albanians In Italy

A Historical Overview

Throughout Calabria are Aberesh communities that have a culture and dialect separate than that of other Calabrians. It all began in the year 1448 when the King of Naples, enlisted the help of General Demitrios Reres of Albania to assist him with an uprising of rebels in Naples. In exchange for his help, land in Catanzaro was offered as a reward along with a title of governor. The General's help proved valuable and the uprising was stopped. Later, the King enlisted the Albanian's help again and more land was given. The Albanians set up homes on the land they were given and started families. Later as the Ottoman Empire invaded Albania, many Albanians immigrated to Southern Italy increasing these Abersh communities. In the 1700's another wave of Albanians immigrated to Southern Italy when 6,000 Christian Albanians were slaughtered for their refusal to convert to Islam. Many Aberesh communities were established not only in Calabria but also in Sicily, Campania, Molise and Puglia.

An excellent site which goes into great details about the Aberesh people and their history can be found here. It is an external site not affiliated with this site. Remember to come back here.

Aberesh Towns In Calabria

A List of Aberesh Comune

Cosenza Stemma

Cosenza Province

  • Acquformosa
  • Civita
  • Falconara Albanese
  • San Benedetto Ullano
  • Plataci
  • San Basile
  • Santa Caterina Albanese
  • San Cosmo Albanese
  • Cantinelli
  • Farnetta
  • Lungro
  • San Demetrio Carone
  • San Giorgio Albanese
  • San Giacomo
  • Macchia Albanese
  • Firmo
  • Vaccarizzo Albanese
  • Spezzano Albanese

Catanzaro Stemma Catanzaro Province,

Catanzaro Province

  • Andali
  • Marcedusa
  • Vena
  • Caraffa di Catanzaro

Crotone Stemma

Crotone Province

(Formerly part of Catanzaro Province)

  • Pallagorio
  • San Nicola dell' Alto
  • Carfizzi

George Skanderbeg

Albanian Hero

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Aberesh Culture, Costumes and Language

The Identity of The Aberesh

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